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Founded in 2008 and run entirely by artists, Celluloid VFX has gained enormous  interest and great respect from the Hollywood industry and from the local German market.  Since the very beginning Celluloid VFX has prided itself on technical expertise and know-how as well as a deep and profound understanding of the visual esthetics of a well composed vfx shot.

Located in the green and lively neighborhood of the “Landwehrkanal”, Berlin, Celluloid VFX is the home to a group of very talented artists that work hard at achieving the visual wishes and goal of our clients.  The core of our company is based on artists – they are the drive and the torque behind any project that we involve ourselves with.

Having worked on numerous Hollywood productions including Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, Gamer, Crank 2, Lincoln Lawyer and Underworld: Awakening, Celluloid VFX has a proven pipeline for handling large amounts of complex  vfx shots whether they be 2d(mono) or stereo 3d.

Who we are



CO-FOUNDER Born near Stuttgart, South Germany in 1973. Early on, interest in technical things prioritized over learning to walk or speak. After the latter was achieved as well went to school, learned the profession of media salesman, studied media technology. Right after that worked at a post-production house for commercials in Hamburg. After that went back home to Stuttgart to work as VFX Editor for "The Red Baron". Soon after the project was finished felt the need to once more do something different. Plans were forged with his now-fellow companions at Celluloid VFX to go to Berlin and stir up the local market a bit. Turned out that this was not limited to the local market in the end...



CO-FOUNDER Infected by the computer graphic virus the late 1980ies by DKBTrace, a script based open source raytracer, Michael consistenly kept up to date with the latest developments in render technology. After deepening his knowledge by studying architecture at the technical university of Munich and Digital Image Design at the famous Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg from 1997, he worked as a freelancer VFX supervisor for numerous VFX houses in his professional career. Sticking to the „Bauhaus“ approach, that knowing your tools is the basis to create art, his passion to transform bits and bytes into stunning images found a fertile soil with Celluloid VFX.