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digital production

In the April issue of DIGITAL PRODUCTION we got a six-page article published, detailing the work we did on Underworld: Awakening.  Celluloid’s VFX Supervisor, Michael Landgrebe, takes the reader through the different techniques used to accomplish very demanding tasks such as ice crystals stuck to the skin of Kate Beckinsale…….and all of it done in stereo 3D. more

Celluloid Virtual Effects news image

FMX 2012

We are really happy to announce that this year we are partners at the FMX conference and will be giving a speech there.  We have been included in the “Tech Talk” block and will be talking about our work on Underworld: Awakening. more

Celluloid Virtual Effects news image


We completely re-worked our web page to present you a lot more information and provide you with a better browsing expericence. The page now also works flawlessly on your mobile devices – including all the reels. more

Celluloid Virtual Effects news image

The New Showreel Page

Check out our new showreel page. Here you can see different compiled showreels of our work, as well as featured project reels and breakdowns of shots.

Showreel Page

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