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Ciucas – Ciucasville
Project Information


In Ciucasville, Romania, beer is made from only the very best ingredients; fresh clean water, newly picked hops and the finest grain man can harvest.  Blackmountain VFX Studios asked Celluloid to create the great waterfall used in the town of Ciucasville to create the great Ciucas beer. This was the biggest fluid simulation task we had been faced with so far, and with only a few weeks to design, model, simulate, render and composite it was also a pretty complicated one. Taking advantage of RealFlow’s grid fluid solver we are able to simulate approximately 2.5 million particles, and combined with some nice rendering and compositing we gave the waterfall a beautiful look, worthy of any Ciucas beer production.



Director : Linus Ewers
Production Company:
Multi Media Est SRL
VFX Supervisor: Andreas Illenseer
VFX Supervisor (Celluloid): Michael Landgrebe