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Crank: High Voltage


The adrenalin pumping, fast-paced action comedy with Jason Statham as “Chev Chelios” was back in a new installment and Celluloid was asked to handle the fluids for this film.  This time it was not only blood that was to be added, but a variety of fluid effects.   Among others was a shot of stripper being shot straight through her breast; the bullet enters one breast and exits out the other.  As written by the directors and executed as such, the breast implants of the stripper see severe damage and the contents start flowing out the bullet wounds and her chest.  We matchmoved the girl and simulated the initial impact and the following silicon splash, compositing the two into the practical plate with addtional gushing silicone. We finished a total of 9 complex fluid shots for the film.



Production Company: Lakeshore Entertainment
Directors: Mark Neveldine/ Brian Taylor