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Swatch – Mad About The Sea
Project Information


The world renowned swiss watch manufacturer Swatch merges worlds and takes us underwater with the new 60″ TVC for its new ‘Scuba Libre’ collection of watches.
Celluloid VFX is proud to have designed, modelled, animated and rendered various sea creatures for this project.
Together with our friends and partners of Zurich-based postproduction house Online Video 46 we covered everything from pre-production, set supervision in South Africa through to the final image.
With our team of 11 artists we worked on eight different sea creatures for 19 shots over the course of two months.
The film was produced and finished in 2K and will be shown in cinemas soon. To enjoy the TVC in your home cinema, click on the clip to the right.



Production Company:  Eye To Eye, Switzerland
Director:  Liberato Maraia