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Underworld: Awakening
Project Information


Continuing a long relation with Lakeshore Entertainment, Executive producer and visual effects supervisor, James McQuaide, asked Celluloid to take part of the shooting of “Underworld: Awakening” as set-supervisors and vfx consultants, as well as supervising the LIDAR scanning of all locations and set pieces.

As an obvious result of the work done on set, Celluloid was awarded a large amount shots on the film. In the first batch we were to heal wounds, add smoke to environments, add lots of blood, add breaking glass, develop a look for a POV effect and add ice crystals, drips, drops, steam and smoke to a slowly defrosting Kate Beckinsale.  Having been part of the shooting in Vancouver, it allowed us to be part of some of the most important shots in the film, from conception and shooting through final delivery.
Half way through the project we were asked to take on another sequence involving set-extensions and the development of a near-future city background. In just five weeks we put together a team to handle the nearly 30 shots. The result was a fantastic looking sequence with Kate interrogating a man while pinning him against cg glass and finally smashing him through it, showing the scale and magnificence of our vast CG backgrounds.
Apart from one 2D sequence in the film, every shot was rendered and composited in stereo 3D, adding an immersive experience for the audience but also a technical achievement for us.




Production Company:  Lakeshore Entertainment
Directors:  Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein