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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans
Project Information


Celluloid was asked to handle a few of the cg blood shots for the first trailer of Underworld 3. VFX supervisor, James McQuaide, liked the work so much that he awarded all blood shots and additional vfx shots of the film to us.  Our biggest challenge was to add a sword struck through the head of actor Bill Nighy, and letting blood slowly ooze out of the wound, dripping down the side of his practical collar.  This required intricate tracking of the head, the hair, the jacket and the collar and numerous revisions of the blood to get it just right for Director,  Patrick Tatopolous.  Our work finally encompassed 43 vfx shots, including a wide range of blood effect shot, digital spears pinning people to walls and adding cg sword blades to the practical handles that actors used as dummies on set.



Production Company: Lakeshore Entertainment
: Patrick Tatopoulos
VFX Supervisor: James McQuaide
VFX Supervisor (Celluloid): Michael Landgrebe